Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Our Commitment to Patient Safety

Updated 5/18/2021

Dosher Physical Therapy Associates

Conditions We Can Provide Treatment For Include:


First Aid to Injuries

Muscle Strains



Dry needling 

Back and Neck Pain


Develop Home Exercise Program


Dosher Physical Therapy will be adding new services to make our community safer, healthier and happier during this time of uncertainty.  COVID 19 will likely continue to make life challenging for everyone over the next few weeks. As social distancing is extremely important, we will begin offering video chat/face-time with our healthcare providers. This video chat will be a FREE service for anyone who has experienced an unexpected injury or persistent problem. If advised, our providers may suggest an in-office evaluation with one of our physical therapists or a referral to another specialist.   


We know sprains, strains, bumps and bruises happen everyday and we wish to continue this service like we have the past 22 years.

If an office visit is needed, patients’ temperatures will be checked at the door and must be symptom free of any illness.  

This chat is not intended for use in a medical emergency. If you are in need of immediate medical attention, please Dial 911.


Dosher Physical Therapy Associates is devoted to continuing to provide physical therapy and orthopedic health services for our patients and families in the community. Based on CDC recommendations, as healthcare providers we have a “special responsibility” to maintain normal business hours and continue to care for those in need. That is why we are keeping our clinics open. We will continue to monitor and respond to this fast-developing situation and make appropriate changes if needed each day.


We have always followed and continue to follow the CSC guidelines for maintaining a safe and clean environment. We have made extra efforts to create additional social distancing barriers during your visit to therapy.


It is important for all people to continue to maintain, regain, or improve your underlying physical health and mobility.


We provide walk-in direct access for patient’s who have an unexpected orthopedic injury and can appropriately triage injuries. We work with other community providers to provide excellent healthcare from the point of injury, through the entire rehabilitation process.