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Exercise Benefits Physical Health

At Dosher Physical Therapy in the South Carolina Upstatewe’re interested in much more than alleviating your pain. We want our patients to live their best possible lives. As it turns out, living your best life means committing to a regular exercise regimen.

You probably already know that exercise is good for the body. It keeps you in shape and provides a benefit to those dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, as well as those predisposed to cardiac conditions.

If you have high blood pressure (hypertension) or have a family history of hypertension, getting regular exercise can help you control your blood pressure and prevent future health problems. You don’t have to start planning for that marathon you’re going to run or even join a gym. Doctors have found that 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise daily greatly reduces your risk of heart attack, stroke, and even migraine headaches caused by high blood pressure.

As we age, the need to commit to a daily exercise regimen becomes even more important because many of the health issues that you neglected in your 20s and 30s come to play a greater role in your physical wellbeing.

The Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

While we usually focus on how exercise benefits the body, it also benefits your mental health. The American Migraine Foundation has found that regular exercise reduces the frequency and severity of migraines.

If you have a “Type A” personality, or if you have a lot of stress in your daily life, committing to a regular exercise routine helps to calm your mind and restore your body to its natural equilibrium.

Recently, the National Health Service (NHS) in Great Britain began to give out free gym memberships to patients suffering from moderate depression. There is a substantial body of evidence that suggests depression is causally related to a lack of exercise.

If you want to feel (and look) your best, exercise offers a key to your success on both fronts.

Physical Therapy, Aging, and Exercise

As a premier physical therapy practice in the SC Upstate, many of the patients we see have suffered injuries doing the course of their normal, everyday routines. As the body ages, one of the most important causes of injury is a lessening of strength and coordination brought about by reduced levels of physical activity. In order to combat father time, and reap the full benefits of physical therapy, Dosher PT recommends the following:

  • Participate in moderate aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, biking or swimming for at least 30 minutes a day five times a week.
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  • Practice exercises that focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. These can include yoga, Pilates and tai chi.
  • Engage in sports that you want to master or learn such as tennis, golf, and basketball.
  • Sleep well
  • Consult your doctor if you’re experiencing any underlying health conditions that may impair your ability to exercise.

Dosher Physical Therapy in Upstate South Carolina provides the latest health news, tips, and updates through our regular blog.

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